Portable, battery-powered amplifier

The Loudbox Mini Charge is a portable, battery-powered amplifier designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and a diverse assortment of vocal or recorded accompaniments.

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A Songwriter Performance Package!

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The Loudbox Mini Charge battery can deliver 12 hours of great Fishman sound at average sound levels. The optional, 12V car charger and included AC mains supply mean that your Loudbox Mini Charge is the choice for any and all performance situations.

Rechargeable Battery-Powered Acoustic Instrument Amplifier.

Easily add backing tracks or other accompaniments

With the addition of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, you can now easily and neatly add backing tracks or other accompaniment to your performances, jams, or wherever your Loudbox Mini Charge takes you and your music.

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The Loudbox to go!

We started with the feature-platform of the Loudbox Mini the world’s best-selling acoustic amplifier and then we “cut the cord!”

  • Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Reverb & Chorus
  • Phase Switch
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Balanced XLR D.I Output
  • 1/8” Aux Input
  • Dedicated Instrument and Mic Channels with EQ

Portable, lightweight and easy to carry

The Loudbox Mini Charge gives players untethered access to Fishman Loudbox quality and sound.

Loudbox Mini Charge Accessories

12V Car Charger

Plugs into your vehicle’s charger/accessory port for go-anywhere charging and performances.

Wall Charger

Additional wall chargers can be purchased for replacement or international travel.

Deluxe Carry Bag

With shoulder straps, two accessory pouches, and rubber feet. Pack up & protect your Mini Charge, charger, cables and more.