A Songwriter Performance Package!

– Fishman FT-2 Tuner –
– Shure SM58 Microphone –
– Ultimate Support Mic Stand –
– Planet Waves Instrument Cable –
– Planet Waves XLR Mic Cable –


Show us where you want to take a Loudbox Mini Charge!
Enter to win a Songwriter Performance Package by posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram of yourself with your instrument. Be sure to include @Fishmanmusic and #HaveChargeWillTravel.

Instructions Rules

Every month we will be giving away 2 Songwriter Performance Packages.

Matthew D.
Lauren L.
John Andrew B.
Amber N.
Barry D.
Matthew P.
Jason K.
Crom M.
Steve L.
Scott H.
Brian K.
Koi A.
Mike B.
Howell E.
Brian B.
Christina S.
Jim C.
Jay M.
Daniel R.
Chris H. – March 15th, 2018 Winner
Stephen B.
Tammy R.

The Loudbox Mini Charge is a portable, battery-powered amplifier designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and a diverse assortment of vocal or recorded accompaniments.
Where are you going to take it?